CDCC Security Master File


Provider: TMX Group

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The daily CDCC Security Master File provides comprehensive and timely details on all derivative products traded on the Montreal Exchange and cleared through the Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation (CDCC).

Coverage Includes:

  • Canadian bankers acceptance futures
  • Future contracts on canadian shares
  • Canada government bond futures
  • Sector Index futures
  • Index futures
  • Index mini futures
  • International cannabis Index futures
  • Corra futures
  • Equity options
  • Index options
  • Options on exchange traded funds
  • Options on the US dollar 
  • Options on Bond futures

Why Use Datalinx CDCC Security Master File ?

  • Keep investment and portfolio management systems up to date
  • For valuable reference data & information describing securities traded
  • Reduce the risk of inaccurate or missing data for a given security master field
  • Accurate, timely, and direct from source information

Delivery Format

  • Frequency: Daily 
  • Format: TXT
  • Delivery: FTP