CDS Special Handling


Provider: TMX Group

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CDS offers custom services for requests that requires CDS to process, compile and provide data (i.e. query, report) that is outside the existing scope of documented functionality, procedures and/or agreements, in such cases, a special handling fees will apply.


CDS may offer CDS Participants and issuers custom services if a participant or issuer requires CDS to process securities transactions in a manner that does not conform to documented functionality, procedures and agreements. Such transactions will be processed as determined by CDS in consultation with the issuer or its agent and where practical, the affected Participants. In such cases, special handling fees may apply.

Special handling fees include (but are not limited to) activities like:

  • Late payment support
  • Late notification support
  • Post-transaction adjustments
  • Special tax handling
  • Special non-standard processing
  • One-off services


  • Accurate and timely execution of services
  • Avenue to effect custom needs
  • Provides ability to address one-off needs
  • Alternative to existing service providers


  • Cost savings (cost of failed transaction vs. cost to settle transaction)
  • Customized service