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Custom Queries: Create your own files by querying against extensive TMX data sets, including stock prices, equity indices, issue data, dividends, earnings and index stock data. Use the Trades & Quotes queries feature to choose trades and quotes data for the Toronto Stock Exchange or TSX Venture Exchange over a rolling 12-month period.


Please be aware that most TMX Historical Market Data and S&P/TSX Index products include CUSIP and/or SEDOL security identifiers.  CUSIP numbers are the property of the American Bankers Association and are administered by Standard & Poor's.  SEDOL numbers are owned and administered by the London Stock Exchange.  In order to use either CUSIP or SEDOL identifiers clients must provide TMX with written approval directly from either CUSIP Global Services at S&P or the London Stock Exchange. Alternatively TMX offers alternate versions of the Historical and Index products without CUSIPs or SEDOLs - identified with NC (No CUSIP), NS (No SEDOL), or NCS (No CUSIP/SEDOL) characters in the file extensions.  For further information please contact     

TMX Historical Market Data Online, enables quick and easy retrieval of comprehensive Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange historical market data.

Extensive Historical Market Data

Stock Prices for Toronto Stock Exchange securities – back to 1985

  • Includes daily high, low, close, bid, ask, traded volume, traded value, number of transactions, odd lot data, quoted market value, block data, adjusted data.

Equity Indices and Index Stock Data (including predecessor TSX indices).

  • Equity index levels back to 1956; index stock data back to 1980
  • Select from S&P/TSX Full Weight Indices Capped Indices, Equal Weight Indices, S&P/TSX Composite Sectors, Volatility Indices, S&P/TSX Equity Sectors and discontinued indices

Issue Data for Toronto Stock Exchange securities.

  • Latest security reference information such name, nature of business, CUSIP, listing date) for Toronto Stock Exchange securities – back to 1985.

Dividends and Earnings data for Toronto Stock Exchange securities.

  • Dividends back to 1983; earnings back to 1984

Trades & Quotes for Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange securities for the past 12 month period.

  • Refine trades and quotes queries by broker number, volume limits and precise time periods (days, hours, minutes, seconds)

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