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The Daily Record provides comprehensive information to help you keep up-to-date with respect to events affecting Toronto Stock Exchange listed issues. This daily coverage of market, trading and corporate information includes a Daily Index Summary, Most Actively Traded Stocks, Bulletins, Earnings Reported, Dividend Notices and more. A valuable research tool for financial advisors, planners and investors, historical issues are available back to 1998. Frequency: Daily - After 8:30 AM EST


Please be aware that most TMX Historical Market Data and S&P/TSX Index products include CUSIP and/or SEDOL security identifiers.  CUSIP numbers are the property of the American Bankers Association and are administered by Standard & Poor's.  SEDOL numbers are owned and administered by the London Stock Exchange.  In order to use either CUSIP or SEDOL identifiers clients must provide TMX with written approval directly from either CUSIP Global Services at S&P or the London Stock Exchange. Alternatively TMX offers alternate versions of the Historical and Index products without CUSIPs or SEDOLs - identified with NC (No CUSIP), NS (No SEDOL), or NCS (No CUSIP/SEDOL) characters in the file extensions.  For further information please contact  

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Product Description

A complete record of each day's trading on all Toronto Stock Exchange listed equities. It also offers valuable trading statistics and corporate information. Includes:

No. Section Frequency in Daily Record
1. Daily Index Summary (Trading by Indices) Daily
2. Most Actively Traded Stocks (I, M, O) Daily
3. Bulletins – Current Day Daily
4. Listed Companies Under Suspension Daily
5. Daily Earnings Reported Daily
6. Dividends Declared Daily
7. Dividend Notices (free text details) Daily
8. Today's Additions (new dividends) Daily
9. S&P/TSX Index Changes Notice Ad hoc
10. Block Trade Statistics Daily
11. Trade Corrections Ad hoc
12. S&P/TSX Composite Dividends Declared Daily
13. S&P/TSX 60 Index Dividends Declared Daily
14. Companies Conditionally Approved for Listing Ad hoc

Product Sheet, Specifications and/or Sample

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