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TSX Security Master provides comprehensive securities reference data, such as issue name, symbol, CUSIP, nature of business, outstanding shares, company name, as well as name changes, splits, listing, suspension and delisting dates. Consists of two files covering all Toronto Stock Exchange listings and all TSX Venture Exchange listings. Frequency: Daily - After 5:00 PM EST


Please be aware that most TMX Historical Market Data and S&P/TSX Index products include CUSIP and/or SEDOL security identifiers.  CUSIP numbers are the property of the American Bankers Association and are administered by Standard & Poor's.  SEDOL numbers are owned and administered by the London Stock Exchange.  In order to use either CUSIP or SEDOL identifiers clients must provide TMX with written approval directly from either CUSIP Global Services at S&P or the London Stock Exchange. Alternatively TMX offers alternate versions of the Historical and Index products without CUSIPs or SEDOLs - identified with NC (No CUSIP), NS (No SEDOL), or NCS (No CUSIP/SEDOL) characters in the file extensions.  For further information please contact     

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Why use TSX Security Master information?

  • To keep investment and portfolio management systems current
  • For accurate information describing issues traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange 
  • Direct from source data is comprehensive, authoritative and timely

Product Description

The TSX Security Master File provides comprehensive reference data including:

*Escrowed shares for TSX Venture Exchange only


Consists of two files:

  • Issue Data File for Toronto Stock Exchange listings 
  • TSXV Issue Data File for TSX Venture Exchange listings


  • Toronto Stock Exchange coverage 
  • TSX Venture Exchange coverage 
  • Daily files (pre-market open and post-market close files available)


  • Tab delimited text (.txt)


  • FTP, web or email

Product Sheet, Specifications and/or Sample

You can access the product sheet and specifications in PDF format or view a Toronto Stock Exchange sample file or a TSX Venture Exchange sample file.



*Includes Toronto Stock Exchange file and TSX Venture Exchange file

Unless otherwise indicated, prices are for a single end user, and do not include redistribution rights. For distributor pricing, please contact

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How To Order

The TSXV Issue Data File for TSX Venture Exchange listings provides comprehensive reference data including symbol, CUSIP, fiscal year-end, splits and more. Frequency: Daily

Please with your TMX Webstore account to view pricing information.