TSXV Dividends By Declaration, Daily


Provider: TMX Group

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The TSXV Dividends by Declaration Date File reports newly declared or updated dividends. The file includes all dividends that have a record date or pay date for the prior trading day, current trading day or any future trading day. Data reported are as declared to TSX Venture Exchange by TSX Venture listed companies and includes amounts, special payments and all effective dates. Frequency: Daily - After 2:00 PM EST

Product Description

Reports dividends as declared to TSX Venture Exchange by TSX Venture listed companies. Data includes dividend amount, extra dividends, total dividends paid this year, effective dates and textual descriptions of special dividends.

Product Sheet, Specifications and/or Sample

You can access the product sheet and specifications in PDF format, or view a TSX Venture Dividends by Declaration Date sample file.

Frequency: Daily Format: Tab delimited text (.txt) Delivery: Web, FTP or SFTP History: Available back to 2020

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