TSX Venture Exchange Level 1 (CL1)


Provider: TMX Group

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CL1 is a real-time data transmission service that provides the last sale, quote, dividends for junior equities from the TSX Venture Exchange and NEX.

The NEX Board is available for issuers that have fallen below TSX Venture Exchange’s ongoing listing standards.
NEX provides a unique trading forum for companies without an active business while they seek opportunities to refinance, reactivate or reinvent themselves.

The feed includes: Quotes, Trades, Market on Close Imbalance Notifications, Trade Cancellations, Symbol & Stock Status message.

Delivery Format

PROTOCOL IP: Multicast

DATA MODEL: Level 1 business content messages
are a fixed record format


Broadcast from Monday to Friday from 3:05 am to 8:00 pm, EST


Market Data Distribution Rates

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